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ACEC of TN Mission Statement

The mission of the American Council of Engineering Companies of TN is to advance the business environment of the engineering industry.

ACEC of Tennessee is a member organization of the American Council of Engineering Companies, a national federation devoted to promoting the business interests of approximately 5,600 engineering companies employing more than 500,000 engineers, architects, land surveyors, scientists, and other specialists. ACEC promotes infrastructure funding, qualifications-based selection, outsourcing, tax reform, regulatory changes, and other government actions benefiting engineering companies.

ACEC’s mission is to seek to create a favorable business environment for the engineering industry through the passage of legislation and regulatory reform on the national level.  For information about the results of these efforts click here.

If you would like to talk with a member about the benefits of joining ACEC or get a dues estimate, please let Kasey Anderson, Executive Director, or Judy Logue, Membership Services Manager, know and she will have someone call you. Below is a link to our membership application and information about dues.


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