2013 Crow Friedman Roadshow

Crow Friedman Group and XL Insurance will offer three 4-hour sessions in Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis. Topics for each session include:

Post-Project Reviews: Can You Afford Not To Do Them?
presented by Bob VanArsdall

Post-project reviews are standard procedure in many sectors of our economy as a way of improving product and service performance, yet few A/E firms ever do them. This presentation shows why such reviews are necessary, how they can be done, and some of the positive outcomes that can be achieved.

Learning Opportunities From Your Court Experience
by Nick Lopuszynski

Participation in the claim or litigation process can drive effective risk management. What information is necessary? How do we organize, use and present information? This presentation will address the use of information obtained during the claim and litigation process.


Contract Interpretation — What the judge is thinking when deciding a contract dispute 
presented by Loy Waldrop and David Garst

December 4 – Knoxville – click here to register

December 5 – Nashville – click here to register

December 6 – Memphis - click here to register

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