2013 Award Winner JR Wauford and Stantec

J. R. Wauford & Company

J. R. Wauford & Company Consulting Engineers, Inc. stayed the course with the Carroll County Watershed Authority for 14 years to deliver the 1,000 acre Carroll County Lake and its associated 500 acre environmental impacts mitigation site. The 21.98 million dollar project is estimated to produce 58 million dollars in economic activity during the ten years after construction began. 

In addition to providing quality of life enhancing recreational opportunities for the region, the project converted over 300 acres of farmland to its prior wetland status and restored 2.3 miles of channelized stream to its natural meandering configuration.


Stantec accelerated the stream mitigation design using pioneering design software for the Little Swan Creek Stream Restoration project to provide mitigation credit for environmental impacts associated with the development of State Route 99. Extensive coordination by Stantec during the project development resulted in meeting the desires of the land owner, Swan Conservation Trust, and the mitigation needs of the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Stantec was able to successfully implement this project on-time and under budget.

The partnership showed that with the desire, opportunity, and experience; positive environmental impact through stream mitigation can be accomplished as part of infrastructure development.