2014 Award Winners - Geotechnology, Inc. and EnSafe Inc.

Geotechnology, Inc. 

(The Memphis Pyramid - Special Projects Category)
Geotechnology performed the initial study and detailed seismic evaluation of the ground conditions, liquefaction and seismic slope stability for the iconic Memphis Pyramid. Geotechnology faced difficult site conditions but used unique approaches to provide seismic information and develop performance criteria for specialty design-build foundations. Geotechnology continued its role during Below Ground Seismic Construction to monitor the work and provide input when changes resulted from varying ground conditions Throughout the construction, the work is estimated to create roughly 16,000 construction jobs and an additional 300 -400 jobs once the facility is opened, providing a huge boost to the area’s economy.

EnSafe, Inc. 

(Stormwater Runoff from TN Highways - Studies & Research Category)
EnSafe was asked to characterize contaminants on the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s right-of-ways and determine if those contaminants were transmitted through stormwater runoff.
EnSafe proved that contaminant levels generally met applicable water quality standards. This allowed our client to successfully challenge three Total Maximum Daily Load analyses from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation which listed our client’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit as a contamination source. EnSafe also revealed a significant paradigm change, proving that pathogen contamination in stormwater does not require a warm-blooded animal source but can simply result from pathogens living in the ecosystem.