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How to Make a Contribution

ACEC Political Action Committee (National)

It is not simple to make a contribution to ACEC/PAC. Only personal contributions are permitted by federal law. First, you must log in using your ACEC member information (your email address). If you do not know your password, click on “Forgot your Password?” The Federal Election Commission requires ACEC/PAC to have certain information, including the ability to contribute on a password-protected site. Logging in allows ACEC to confirm your ACEC membership and prior approval status. You will only be allowed onto the contribution site if your firm has a current approval form on file. If your firm’s Prior Approval is not current, the log in process will prompt you to complete one. Granting approval does not obligate the firm or its employees to support the PAC - it simply gives ACEC permission to communicate to certain employees.


Tennessee Professional Engineers’ Political Action Committee (State)

The Tennessee Professional Engineers’ Political Action Committee supports candidates to the Tennessee General Assembly who are responsive to issues related to the engineering profession. Contributions may be made by personal or corporate check, made payable to the Tennessee Professional Engineers’ PAC and mailed to:

Tennessee Professional Engineers’ PAC
TN Engineering Center
800 Fort Negley Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37203


Proposals for Professional Services for Local Public Works Projects

Tennessee’s Qualifications-Based Selection Brochure

Tennessee’s Qualifications-Based Selection Law