Archived Newsletters

2016 Newsletters

Jan-16  Chattanooga Airport Sustainability
Feb-16  Government Advocacy
Mar/Apr-16  Gresham, Smith takes Grand Iris
May-16  Wastewater Plans Review Procedures
Jun-16  General Aviation:  Industry Challenges
Jul/Aug-16  1st Roadway Project in US Receives Audubon International Silver Certificate
Sep-16  The Future of STEM Education in Tennessee
Oct-16  Why Qualification-Based Selection?

2015 Newsletters

Jan-15  I-65-Goose Creek Bypass in Franklin, TN
Feb-15  Jurisdictional Waters—A Public Agency Perspective
Mar/Apr-15  Gresham, Smith and Partners wins Grand Iris Award!
May-15  Dual Purpose of Parks & Recreation Departments
Jun-15  Freight and Logistics in Tennessee
Jul/Aug-15  How Beretta USA Chose Gallatin
Sep-15  The Great Pyramid of Memphis
Oct-15  Talking About the Problem Can Lead to a Solution
Nov-15  Preserving A Community Landmark
Dec-15  Decoupling the Professional Engineering Exam

2014 Newsletters

Jan-14 You’ve Got to Have a Plan:  TDOT Future Plans
Feb-14 Select TN Certified Sites Program Producing Results
Mar/Apr-14 Ross Bryan Assoc., Inc. Wins the Grand Iris!
May-14 2015: 100 Years of the TN Dept of Transportation
Jun-14 City of Memphis-Stormwater Infrastructure Mapping & Modeling
Jul/Aug-14 Understanding Qualifications-Based Selection
Sep-14 Growing Importance of Freight Transportation in TN
Oct-14 Growing Importance of Freight Planning in Middle TN
Nov-14 Revitalization in Downtown Johnson City
Dec-14 Engaging Engineers to Create the Workforce of the Future

2013 Newsletters

Jan-13 Oak Ridge
Feb-13 High Performance Buildings
March April 2013 And the Award Goes to…EnSafe Inc.!
May-13 Cooperative Effort Means Cleaner Air
Jun-13 What do you want to do when you grow up?
July / August 2013 Program Encourages Innovation
Sep-13 Music City Center Engineering
Oct-13 Engineering a Resilient City
Nov-13 Get That App!
Dec-13 Transitioning from Grey to Green Infrastructure

2012 Newsletters

Jan-12 Pervious Concrete
Feb-12 Transportation Department
March / April 2012 Grand Iris Award
May-12 2010 Flood: Engineers respond to emergency
Jun-12 Special Inspections
July/August 2012 Spirit of Volunteerism
Sep-12 BIM Implementation
Oct-12 Across the Mississippi River
Nov-12 Auto Manufacturing Jobs
Dec-12 Leading by Example

2011 Newsletters

February 2011 links American Society of Civil Engineers - TN Infrastructure Report Card
Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Infrastructure Report
Jan-11 The Green Fuels Revolution
Feb-11 Infrastructure 101
March / April 2011 CDM Wins Grand Iris Award
May-11 Knoxville Revives Historic Gay Street
Jun-11 Stormwater Management
July / August 2011 Tort Reform
Sep-11 Mass Transit
Oct-11 TDEC Experts Scan the Tennessee Regulatory Horizon
Nov-11 Tullahoma Readiness Center
Dec-11 Economic Development Efforts in Memphis

2010 Newsletters

January 2010 Engineers Advocate for Sustainability
February 2010 Funds for State’s Transportation System
March/April 2010 Wilbur Smith Wins Top Honor in Awards Competition
May 2010 Water Infrastructure is Crucial
June 2010 Wolf Creek Dam
July/August 2010 Rockslide!
September 2010 Cabins at David Crockett State Park
October 2010 Design Training Program on Pedestrian Accessibility
November 2010 Nashville’s New Riverfront Plan
Dec-10 United Response During a Disaster