2014 Grand Award Winners - ARCADIS and LDA Engineering


(City of Chattanooga Area 2 Closure Construction - Water & Stormwater Category)
Working closely with the City of Chattanooga and others, ARCADIS transformed an uncovered 32-acre portion of Birchwood Pike Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Area 2, into a grassy landscape by repurposing material from Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant – a convenient, yet unconventional solution.
Beginning in August 2011, biosolids (solids derived from wastewater treatment plants that meet EPA 503 class B regulations for land application) were used to amend the soils requiring a closure cap. The desired vegetative growth soon began to sprout and the landfill boasted an abundant vegetative cover. The project received closure certification of Area 2 in October 2013.

LDA Engineering 

(Founders Park -Water Resources)
The downtown district of Johnson City, Tennessee is located at the intersection of two large urban streams, King Creek and Brush Creek. For many decades, the district has been plagued by flooding, resulting in limited economic and cultural utilization. City leadership developed a Master Plan to address economic and cultural revitalization, along with flooding issues. The first phase of the Plan is the recently-completed Founders Park project. This project consisted of removing 700 feet of triple barrel box culvert located beneath an old warehouse, constructing an environmentally-enhancing channel, and a 5-acre greenway park along the banks of the improved stream.