2014 Grand Award Winners - EnSafe Inc. and Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

EnSafe Inc. 

(TDOT Facility Surveying & GIS Data Management - Surveying & Mapping Category)
In support of the TDOT Statewide Environmental Services contract, EnSafe surveyed and mapped 72 TDOT facilities—totaling over 850 acres—using a Topcon Pulse Total Station, complete with our custom data dictionary of feature entry codes, to collect site attributes. The data were uploaded to a Microsoft Access database for QA/QC and then into an ArcSDE database. ArcGIS ModelBuilder routines were run to build lines and polygons from the survey point data, and our custom Python script applied symbolization that was stored in the database as representation.
EnSafe’s workflow design and custom automation offered a cost savings to our customer—the equivalent of one full-time employee for one year—by significantly reducing draft and field survey time.

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. 

(Wolf River Boulevard Connector - Transportation Category)
The final segment of Wolf River Boulevard consists of approximately two miles of four lane roadway with shoulders and bike lanes, two bridges with protected pedestrian crossings, five oversized box culverts, one pedestrian underpass, and two new traffic signals. Wolf River Boulevard is enrolled in Audubon International’s Silver Signature Sanctuary green certification program. The program blends wildlife habitat conservation, water use efficiency, water quality preservation, and other areas of environmental protection with human use of the project. In August 2013, Wolf River Boulevard was the first roadway in the world awarded Silver Certification for accomplishments in sustainable design, construction, and management.