2013 Award Winner - James & Assoc and GSP

James + Associates 

James + Associates had the privilege of working with the Tennessee Department Of Transportation (TDOT) in developing the first full-depth deck panel system used in Tennessee. The replacement of the bridge decks on I24 over Main and Woodland Streets, two of the most heavily traveled bridges in the state represented challenges in design, traffic control and constructability.  The bridges are located near LP Field and downtown Nashville.  This is the first use of Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques in a high ADT location in the Tennessee.  We worked closely with TDOT in developing the new concept from design through construction.

Gresham, Smith and Partners 

Gresham, Smith and Partners was commissioned by Bowling Green Municipal Utilities to upgrade and expand their wastewater treatment plant, design a facility that could produce an effluent compliant with more stringent nutrient requirements, and provide sustainable, cost-effective solutions for biosolids handling and disposal. The new facility’s capacity increased from 10.6-mgd to 15-mgd. The project included a new preliminary treatment facility with an electronic card reader-controlled septage receiving station, biological treatment using sequencing batch reactors with high-efficiency turbocompressor blowers, ultraviolet effluent disinfection with post-aeration, thermal drying biosolids management process, utilization of existing structures as aerated sludge-holding tanks, and SCADA communication systems.