2013 Award Winners - BWSC and Parsons Brinkerhoff

Want to see the stars? Just look underground.

(Gatlinburg Utilities Undergrounding)

Gatlinburg wanted a streetscape to match the context of the mountain village and give visitors an uncluttered view of the Smokies.  BWSC suggested expanding the streetscape improvements to include overhead utilities undergrounding and 19 years and $24,000,000 later, four miles of overhead power, telephone, and cable services have been placed underground.  The design team’s bold vision and an initial $180,000 grant combined to transform Gatlinburg while spawning $100 million in public and private investment.  The eye-catching results have enhanced the character of downtown Gatlinburg forever and secured it recognition in 2012 as one of the 10 Prettiest Cities in America.

Korean Veteran’s Boulevard - Gateway to Nashville’s New Downtown

The Korean Veterans Boulevard is a TDOT Local Programs Project by Metro Public Works to extend the roadway from 4th Avenue to 8th Avenue, terminating in a new modern, dual-lane roundabout in downtown Nashville. Project highlights include an ever-evolving design and extensive coordination to accommodate concurrent construction of major utilities, the Omni hotel and Music City Center immediately adjacent to the project. The environmental, design, right-of-way and construction phases of the project were all expedited to ensure that the roadway was completed prior to the opening of the Music City Center. The resulting project is a complete, green street, which provides an iconic ”Gateway to Nashville’s New Downtown”.