2013 Award Winners AMEC

AMEC Studies, Research and Consulting

Following the May 2010 flood in Nashville, a multi-agency partnership was formed called the Nashville Situational Awareness for Flooding Events Program. AMEC was hired by Metro Water Services to join the program and develop products and processes that would carry out the mission of Nashville SAFE; to address the needs for improved coordination, more and better data, and trained personnel. For this project, AMEC created the Watershed Advisory Guide, developed emergency procedural documents, produced a training video, and developed other techniques that helped Nashville SAFE set the new standard for flood warning systems in the Southeast.

AMEC Survey and Mapping

The EcoSpatial Information Database was designed by AMEC as a foundation for an ecosystem‐based approach to management. By centrally warehousing ecological resource data, such as scientific reports and journal articles, along with bibliographic information and spatial data, the system provides an organized, all-encompassing archive that will allow the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to have a better understanding of ocean habitats and marine organisms. The system is accessible through a cloud based mapping interface with elaborate text and geographic search functionalities to streamline federal decision making and the regulation of oil and gas development activities with proper environmental