2015 Grand Award Winners - Barge, Waggoner, Sumner & Cannon, Inc. and KCI Technologies, Inc.

Barge, Waggoner, Sumner & Cannon, Inc.

(Carpenter Technology Specialty Steel Mill, Athens, AL - Industrial and Manufacturing Processes, Facilities)

In a fast-track, design/build initiative, BWSC was the Architect/Engineer of Carpenter’s greenfield, $520 million specialty steel mill. This was the largest project undertaken in the firm’s history and included lean manufacturing design to improve operational safety and product quality while reducing lead times and production costs. The complex spans 529,000 square feet and houses the world’s largest hydraulic press. The design staff relied heavily on BIM to reveal clashes virtually and share project details with 60 team members simultaneously. The project produced saleable product four months ahead of schedule, below the original budget, and without a lost time accident.

KCI Technologies, Inc.

(Richland Creek Dam Removal, Nashville, TN - Small Projects)

The Cumberland River Compact worked with KCI Technologies to conduct a feasibility study, as well as design, permitting and construction to remove the Richland Creek dam, which provided the adjacent McCabe Golf Course with irrigation water.

The project is unique because it is one of only a small number of dam removal projects completed within the state and the only removal within the City of Nashville. It demonstrated that removal of lowhead dams, with their many constraints, can be completed within a short life cycle, using and adapting techniques that are already established, and with a relatively streamlined permitting process.